Wednesday, July 7, 2010



WooooOOO! On the road to Austin! Only 4 hours from the Style Station in Waco. We make it in 3.

Random over-sized animal spotted on the roadside.

FINALLY! We arrive in Austin! And like they say, it is weird! And AMAZING!

Soooo METAL!

Tons of great guitar shops. This is South Austin music. Heavy Leather NYC straps will be sold there next month.

South Austin Music
1402 South Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 448-4992

And I got the guitar straps selling at MusicMakers Austin.

Musicmakers Austin
517-B S Lamar
Austin, Texas 78704

My neighbor in NYC has a brother who lives in Austin... he had an empty apartment that we crashed at. For the first couple of nights. That really is the best way to visit a new place, hanging with the locals.
First stop: LITTLE BIGHORN BAR! A totally awesome honky tonk bar with a live band and dancing the 2 step and all!
(Check out my expert Photoshop job in this one!)

YeeeeeS! Texas!

Oh, wait.... lets add a little extra Texas and throw a boot in there...

This is my friend Brian. He lives in Austin and took us around town. He totally ROCKS. A true southern gentleman. But the dude's got a wild side... he just got back from living in Alaska, moved for the natural beauty and because he can carry his guns into the McDonalds there. LOVE it. did I mention he's also a pro salsa chef.?!?!?

Wasted. You would never know.

...and they're not just dancing, they are 2-stepping! This rules!

So I guess everyone knows how to 2 step here. They don't teach you this stuff growing up in NYC! This dude in the photo below tried to teach me to dance- for about 1 second! He was wearing flip flops (this should have been a warning...) and I was wearing cowboy boots. I told him he needed to come back wearing steel toe and we'd try again!!!


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