Tuesday, July 6, 2010



....And we're off to Austin! Sooooo excited. By the way, I am the road map Queen. We got a GPS before we left, but I REFUSE to use it on the highway (and most of the time in the city). I've got a great sense of direction and feel like a road warrior when I pave my own way. Didn't get lost once the whole trip!
Metallicar is golden! (with a hint of VH love)

We drove from Memphis with one major stop off in mind- a fairy tale vintage shop that was Highly recommended to me by a friend from Nashville. He said he'd never been there- it is a random spot on a dirt road alongside the highway that's supposed to be a vintage western clothing GOLDMINE! I could only imagine the glorious mountains of cowboy boots and western wear... so excited that I drove 8 hours straight, from Memphis through Little Rock, past Dallas to exit 347 in Waco Texas.

We knew we wouldn't make it to the store before closing so we called en route and spoke to the store owners, Art and Rebecca. 2 of the sweetest people ever. Since we had traveled so long and far they said they would keep the shop open late for us. We must have sounded like maniacs on the phone... super excited-in true New York style- about 10 shots of espresso (and only 1 bathroom stop!). That 70 mph speed limit worked in our favor....

The Style Station... Waco Texas. http://www.stylestationonline.com. The following photos 'borrowed' from the internet- mine were too dark.
Rebecca and Art kept the store open for 3 hours past closing. And gave me my first Lone Star beer. After I dropped er... about $500. HA!


NEW BOOTS (and Judas Priest shirt and Megadeth shirt and jean shorty shorts, etc. etc)!

Check out the G'n'R clock... I think it's home made..

Next stop- Austin!!!!

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