Tuesday, July 6, 2010


2 nights and one day in Memphis. Stayed at the Westin hotel 1 block from Beale street (got a rad deal on priceline!). We figured we would want at least one night of fun on Beale street- I was looking forward to hearing some sick live music.

Well, how wrong we were! I'm sure we could have found some great local hangouts- if we tried, but Beale street was a HUGE disappointment. Super trashy frat style boozing and fried food galore. Where was the music culture and yummy southern food I craved so badly? (since I barely ate anything in Nashville!) Sooooo happy to be out of there and hitting the road Wednesday June 23.

Just an example of how 'shitty' this street was.... the gift shop sold blues/rock themed toilet seats!

The guy inside the gift shop was nice... took my friend Malia by surprise!

They had these weird Cinderella themed carriages... if this is their idea of having a 'ball' after midnight I want no part of it!

This guy was right behind him... wheres the flair!?!

So we went back to the hotel and marveled at all the Elvis stuff I got at the Graceland gift shop. I bought a pair of gold Elvis glasses and they stuck the 'official Graceland' sticker right on the lense. How ghetto! I know its the 'ghetto' style to keep the sticker on your hat or whatever but right in my field of vision? Reeeetarded. It took a few days of soap and spit and sandpaper to get all the glue off. Anyway, I'll quit complaining because we are outta here! On to AUSTIN!!!!! WOOOOO! ;)

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