Wednesday, July 14, 2010


1st day in Austin and we hit the streets... Hard!

Mission: Vintage and leather shopping. On the lookout for all things weird. And we found a TON of stuff that will keep you guessing!

One thing I should mention: my friend Malia's goal on the trip was to find anything animal print.

She writes this blog called 'Mark of the Beast'- updating the world about all things gaudy, extravagant, glam... that has a touch of the wild. So you'll see a bunch of photos included in my blog of animal stuff I think is worthy.

Stuff your L.A. hair metal cousin and your 80 year old Jewish grandma would love. ;)

Walking down the street I made an amazing discovery.

I almost lost my head over this one! Sick!

And what goes on with these monster plants?! I WISH these grew in my backyard....If I had a backyard.
I bet the dogs don't try using this one for a toilet!

.... with your head?!?

I know in Texas they're all about no trespassing or you'll get shot, etc. etc. but this guy took it to the next level.
And is that bull a scarecrow?
Beware of rabid bull inside? Look at all the cameras!
This MUST be Mel Gibson's house.

I think these guys were neighbors. Note all of the propane tanks stacked.

And they have similar taste in unusual scarecrows.

Note the beer gut.

So this guy was a favorite. Didn't speak much but his work really spoke for itself. A custom boot maker and master leather craftsman.

He had a totally rockin' shop. I hope to have such an inspiring collection of leather one day!

.... and some more shopping!

Tequila Time!
Can I remind you all to insert a margarita between each above photo!?!

....What??? We needed to stay hydrated through all of that walking and shopping!!!! no this picture isn't blurry...umm can I get another?!

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