Monday, July 5, 2010



1 hour and 1 night of complete sobriety and we made it to Nashville! PARTY!

Got my passes for the summer NAMM convention and checked into our hotel which happened to be attached to the convention center. What luck! For those of you who are not in the music industry- NAMM is a trade show that goes on 2x a year- one in Cali in January and one in Nashville in June. This was my first summer NAMM show. It runs for 3 days- Friday the 18th- Sunday the 20th. The booths showcase new hot products in the industry (guitars,recording gear,drums,pianos,amps,etc). I go as a one-woman walking booth, meeting people and promoting my straps.

1st stop in Nashville- The Jack and Charlie Daniels Museum. RAD LEATHER!

2nd stop: Shopping! Just the beginning of a monster pile of weird stuff we collected along the way... by New Orleans our hotel looked like 'Fear and Loathing'...

Driving around town... a little local creativity...ever seen that movie 'Spun'?!?

And some fun on the strip...

ohhh yess. Fondue.

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