Thursday, August 5, 2010

ROAD TRIP PART 6: On the Road Again!

So Austin ROCKED, but there is a MUCH bigger adventure ahead of us.... the ultimate destination: New Orleans!!!! First we drive from Austin to San Antonio to check out the Alamo, but decide to drive straight through once we were there. Way too crowded, no place to park. So, on to Houston where Malia has a cousin we will stay with. Malia decides to take the back roads, looking for small town sight seeing. And we got a whole lot of that!

En Route we stop off in the small town of 'Thump'. Somewhere, Texas. It just happened to be a local holiday where the girls compete for Miss Thump and are all wearing sashes and crowns. And the theme of the town is watermelon so there is melon everywhere. Like, straight out of a movie..

A movie that I definitely would like to walk away from after an hour or so but it was cool for a bathroom break!

I love that you can see legs in the shirt... something dirty about that

We did a little shopping before hitting the road

And the locals were great!
Another bathroom break along the way....
uh doesn't look like the plumbing works... ha good thing we stole t.p. from the last hotel!

We made it to Houston and had a great night. Malia's cousin and her husband want to start a brewery and are beer experts, brew their own at home and all.

And in that extreme insane Texas heat we needed strong drink! Really, I'd take one step out of my car and immediately brake a sweat in the sizzling 100 degree temperature +humidity. My last car had no A/C. I am so lucky for METALLICAR, a really fantastic ride.

We hit up some guitar shops there.... I soon hope to stock HEAVY LEATHER NYC in Rock 'n' Robin (below photos), Evan's Music City, Fuller Vintage Guitars and Parker Music. If you live in the area, DEMAND to see the straps there! ;)

The following day we hit the road again on our way to New Orleans. We downloaded this AWESOME app called Roadside America that told us there was a gas station we absolutely had to stop at (or we might end up hitchhiking to our next destination!). Called Tiger Truck Stop.
It had a live full size tiger in a giant cage just hanging out. DUDE.

Call me tiger! RAaaaWWWW!


The highways to New Orleans were lined with all sorts of fun stuff. Check out this snake farm. A quick off road adventure. Because we are LOADED on caffeine and need to pee again. Really? We are going to 'drain the lizard' at the snake farm?!? hahahaha.

This place is SO creepy. Look at that cage? Reminds me of Pulp fiction.... the basement scene. AGh.

The minute we hit Louisiana we stopped at a lake and jumped in. Pretty much any water hole we'd stop at, it was sooo hot. The highways getting there were rad. Check out this one built above a swamp. We were on this for a while....