Monday, July 5, 2010

ROAD TRIP PART 3: On the road to MEMPHIS!

Nashville rocked, the NAMM convention was super successful even though I only had 1 day there. Still recovering from the burger of doom, me and Malia hit the road for Memphis.

One of my favorite sights along the way....

Even the zoo rocks!

Some vintage shopping...

Super rad- a tooled handbag shaped like a saddle... stirrups and all.

This store was insane and the middle of a ghetto run down street, between some liquor stores and pawn shops... there was all this weird 1960's and 70's mod polyester gear with sequins and stripper boots and cowboy boots. Drag queen heaven!

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  1. Wowza, that sure looked like a blast of a trip and thank you Rachel B. for bringing the adventure to folks back home. I have never been to any of the hot spots you visited and must make this a plan before its one of those things I wish I had done and now is too late. Your photos are awesome. Keep on rocking!