Monday, July 5, 2010


Nashville totally rocked, really until this moment where it turned into one of those 'heavy metal puke parties'. Literally.

Meet my friend Omid. A super cool dude. Quick story about Omid. I had this rad issue of VICE magazine that I've saved over the years because it has a bunch of Slayer shirts on the cover. Inside, the issue is about collectors of heavy metal (the lifestyle, not the comic) and Omid is in there for having a most excellent and massive collection of Runaways stuff. So this magazine was kept as my bathroom reading material for forever. And one day I randomly met Omid in NYC. I told him we'd been friends for years, he just didn't know it. He thinks I'm nuts. Love it!

Check out Omid's eBay page:

Omid took us out for some food one day in Nashville and ordered this mega sandwich that only a true pro 'food eater' (yea, that is a River's Edge quote) could endure. 2 pieces of the most ultra greasy french toast with ham and syrup and butter mashed in between. I got a burger. Along with a side of food poisoning that kept me nose diving the toilet bowl for 2 days straight. So, I missed the rest of the NAMM convention, but it was worth every second just to get a good night of local hangout and greasy southern food. And I was well enough to drive on to Memphis that Sunday... couldn't wait for Graceland!


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